About The Oxford Pub-Crawl Poster

The poster has cartoon drawings of all 62 pubs in the center of oxford.
The pictures are black-and-white, which gives you a chance to colour them in as you go to them.
Colour them neatly, highlight them (I've had friends do them in different colours depending on whether they thought the pub sucked, it was ok, or it was definitely worth staying for an 8th pint), or scribble over them - whatever - it just enables you to keep track of your progress.

A Pub-Crawl Poster is a must-have for JCRs, MCRs, and university clubs and societies. Mark off the pubs that have been visited on "official" outings until they've all been drunk at (unfortunately this involves the terrible chore of going on quite a few pub-crawls)

Of course the poster is also a great souvenir of Oxford, or an excellent gift for heavy-drinking friends
I have included all the pubs in the centre of Oxford. However, I had to draw the line somewhere, so sorry if I didn't get as far as your favourite pub.

The poster is a good quality A1 print that can easily be framed using standard poster frames.

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