A very long-winded fairytale about Posters...

The idea for the Oxford Pub-Crawl Poster was first conceived when Sam went to stay with a friend at Bristol Uni and came across a poster with all the Bristol pubs on. She didn't think it was fair that they had one when we didn't and thought it was about time someone made one for Oxford.
She then went off and did other things for a year or so.

However, in the summer of 2000 Sam was a poor student and started to try and think of innovative ways of funding herself through university. That summer Sam spent her time cycling round Oxford taking pictures of pubs and talking to pub owners about the poster. She then approached her friend Matt, who was an excellent artist (as well as a highly talented composer, playwright and actorů some people get all the luck!), and he drew cartoon sketches of all the pubs. Sam then spent the rest of the summer putting the poster together and finally got a batch of 1000 printed.

The Oxford Pub-Crawl Poster was born

Once she had 1000 copies of the poster in her possession she had to find something to do with them. So she spent year or two cycling around trying to get people to sell them for her, and rolling up all the ones she did manage to sell. Probably at this point a big thank you should go to the King's Arms, The Three Goats Heads, The Eagle and Child, and the White Horse, without whom there would still be 1000 posters sitting under Sam's bed!

By the time the posters were finally all sold, both Sam and Matt were taking their finals (in physiology and english, respectively), and so they didn't get round to doing anything about the poster for a year or so. However, in 2003 Sam was approached by Mitchells & Butlers (who own some pubs in Oxford) and they offered to commission a second version of the poster. The Definitive Oxford Pub-Crawl Poster was back in business!

The second edition differed markedly from the first. The biggest change was that the pub captions were removed in order to neaten things up. Some establishments were removed after Sam decided that they didn't come under the category of "pubs", whilst others that had been missed off the first time round were added. Many pubs had opened, closed, or changed their names, which meant that the poster had to be updated - and continues to be updated regularly.

This time there seemed to be an established fan-base for the poster, and so the print-run of 1000 rapidly sold out once again. Thus version 2.1 was produced, followed later by the 3rd edition (on sale today) ...with the 4th edition currently in the pipeline.

(watch this space)